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Our company gets the best  loans for customers that need unsecured personal loans for elective medical, dental, lasik, chiropractic and other procedures including hair restoration and more.

We specialize in getting the patient the right source for their loan. No money down and super low payments are our usual results. We work with all credit types. We give answers back in just hours if not minutes as to approval.

We have relationships with lenders across the USA to get you the best rates and usually more money than most companies can. And we also work with more credit scores to get you the loan that you need!

  • No collateral.
  • No money down.
  • Loans for various medical and dental procedures.
  • We also can help with all types of unsecured loans.
  • Super fast results.
  • We work with all types of credit scores.

We get many questions of patients asking us what procedures we will finance and the answer is that we can help you get loans for just about every procedure your can think of from weight loss surgery to penis enlargement and everything in between. let us help you get exactly what you are looking for.

We also commonly get asked to what credit score we can get financed and the answer is that it is not about your credit score it is about your credit worthiness and that means that you have been better about paying your bills. But don't fret. if you have serious credit problems we can help with too. Simply apply and we will let you know when you are accepted. If for some reason you are not please email us and we will tell you what it takes to get financed within 3 months.