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Frequently Asked Questions For Patients:


When I apply am I committing to anything?

No you are not - it simply allows us to get you approved. You will then have 60 days to get the procedure done from the approval or we get you approved again.


How Do I Get the Money Once I am Approved?

Once you finally sign up for the loan we then fill out a loan dispersement form and this form will include your doctors fee and we will write the check out to the doctor so that he will get paid before the procedure.


What Loan Amounts will you do?

We will do anywhere from $1500 up to $45,000


What is the interest rate?

Because we work with so many credit levels the interest rate depends on your credit - as you probably guessed. WE Have access to the best rates in the industry for which ever credit level you may be at.


Do I have to use one of your doctors?

No - we don't supply the doctor and this means that you get to choose any doctor that you want. Doctors love us because we pay the full amount of the fee. Simply tell the doctor that you have financing that pays the full amount of the procedure and that they will get paid before the procedure is performed.


Is there a minimum monthly income that I must have?

If you are applying alone you must have an income of $1200 per month minimum. (You can also use child support). If you don't have $1200 per month in income then you may to find a co applicant

Frequently Asked Questions by  Doctors and Dentists:

How are you better than Care Credit or Capital One?

We pay the full amount of the procedure! - We work with more credit levels to more applicants approved helping both the doctor and the patient.


Are there any sign up fees?

No sign up fees - and no other fees at all.


Do approve more credit scores than Capital One and GE?

Absolutely - GE and Capital One typically approve about 1/3 of the applicants. We approve over 2/3 and are working on getting about 75% of your applicants approved. We work with those that have bad credit and want cosmetic surgery financing for excellent, marginal and even programs for bad credit.


Do you offer brochures and pamphlets for the office?

Yes, we do! Just let us know what you need. All applications can be easily submitted through the website or you can download an application.